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Media Releases - 2005

Title Date
Media Release: KNP clamps down on rule breakers 2005-12-29
Media Release: KNP Concession Lodge Burns Down 2005-12-20
Media Statement: Cape Fur Seals Rescued 2005-12-20
Media Release: WAG Statement on Elephant Culling 2005-12-15
Media Release: Minister Calls for Elephant Round Table 2005-12-15
Media Release: Obeying the Rules of the KNP 2005-12-15
Media Release: First tourists make use of Giriyondo 2005-12-14
Media Release: KNP Day Visitors urged to book Gate Entrances to avoid disappointment 2005-12-12
Media Release: Update - Fire-fighting in Table Mountain National Park 2005-12-12
Media Release: Tsitsikamma National Park staff member arrested for suspected abalone poaching 2005-12-09
Media Release: Fire-fighting in Table Mountain National Park 2005-12-09
Media Release: Addo celebrates first lion cubs 2005-12-03
Media Release: South African National Parks on the launch of the "Know Your Status" campaign 2005-12-01
Media Statement after the attack of tourists at Waterval Boven (Mpumalanga): Tourism safety in the Mpumalanga Province: A priority for the Department 2005-11-28
Media Release: Attempted robbery in Deer Park (Table Mountain National Park) 2005-11-21
Media Release: Statement from South African National Parks on the liquidation of Vilayet (Pty) Ltd, trading as Nature’s Group 2005-11-15
Media Release: Robbery - near the Kings Block House on Devil’s Peak, Table Mountain National Park 2005-11-13
Media Release: Park Manager Allays Fears over Proposed Marine Protected Area 2005-11-11
Media Release: KNP collects bounty from balloons 2005-10-10
Media Release: KNP secures major structural award 2005-08-26
Media Release - SANParks signs agreement with AWF 2005-08-19
Media Statement: Table Mountain National Park Price Increases 2005-08-17
Media Release: Limpopo Transfrontier Park Open for Business 2005-08-16
Media Release: Four arrested for robbery in Kruger National Park 2005-08-15
Media release: Man killed in KNP 2005-07-29
Media Release: Ongoing upgrades in KNP 2005-07-29
Media Release: UNESCO Director of the World Heritage Center, Francesco Bandarin, visits Mapungubwe National Park 2005-07-21
Media Release: Fines Issued in the KNP 2005-07-20
Media Release: KNP unveils plaque for fallen hero 2005-07-19
Media Release: KNP hands over 400 boxes of books 2005-07-14
Media Release: Addo - elephant bulls move to new pastures 2005-06-29
Media Release: SANParks launches an award 2005-06-23
Media Release: Book Your Trip to KNP 2005-06-14
Media Release: KNP Bus Routes Defined 2005-06-08
Media Release: Malelane Entrance Gate Closed 2005-06-08
Media Release: Shifting Baobabs in the KNP 2005-06-03
Media Release: SANParks and SAPS Hot on the Heels Of Armed Robbers 2005-05-31
Media Release: Four KNP employees dismissed for Impala slaying 2005-05-20
Media Release: Addo Elephant National Park - 100-Mile and 50-Mile Marathon 2005-04-22
Media Release: Scientists meet in the Kruger National Park 2005-04-08
Media Release: KNP/EWT Cheetah and Wild Dog Census Project extended for a month 2005-04-08
Media Release: KNP Office at KMIA offers full service 2005-04-06
Media Release: Minister Proclaims New Marine Area for Addo Park & Opens New Camp to Benefit Local Communities 2005-04-04
Media Release: Showing the family history 2005-03-23
Media Release: KNP day visitors urged to book gate entrances to avoid disappointment 2005-03-22
Media Release: KNP Water Week sets off 2005-03-16
Media Release: Karoo National Park – Celebrating 25 years of excellence 2005-03-11
Media Release: Back to the wild for orphaned black rhino 2005-03-11
Media Release: Berg-en-Dal turns 21 today 2005-02-25
Media Release: HIV/Aids Awareness Campaign kicks off in Kruger National Park 2005-02-21
Media Release: KNP signs Memo of Understanding (MoU) with CPPPP and TEP 2005-02-16
Media Release: Isuzu delivers for Addo Elephant National Park 2005-02-14
Media Release: Joint media release by Gospel Gold and the Kruger National Park: Back to Nature, Back to God - Gospel Gold visits the Kruger 2005-02-08
Media Release: Buses Take Kruger to Kasies 2005-02-04
Media Release: Golden Gate National Park playing a pivotal role in the battle for water preservation 2005-02-01
Media Release: Public stands to Win Big by helping KNP’s Cheetah and Wild Dog Census 2005-02-02
Media Release: Golden Gate Highlands National Park – Poised to attract more tourists to the Free State 2005-02-02
Media Release: Twin elephants born in Addo Elephant National Park 2005-01-18
Media Release - SANParks appoints second female park manager 2005-01-05