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Media Releases - 2008

Title Date
Media Release: New picnic site opens in Addo Elephant National Park 2008-12-22
Media Release: Suspension bridge at GRNP's Tsitsikamma Section open 2008-12-19
Media Release: Groenkloof National Park Front Office changes 2008-12-12
Media Release: Brown Hyena introduced to Mountain Zebra National Park 2008-12-12
Media Release: Mapungubwe National Park Cholera status 2008-12-11
Media Release: Suspension bridge at Tsitsikamma Section of GRNP open for December holidays 2008-12-10
Media Release: The New Garden Route Park is here 2008-12-10
Media Release: Kruger’s Management Committee conducts blitz on rule-breakers 2008-12-05
Media Release: Golden Gate Highlands National Park – to attract more tourists to the Free State 2008-12-05
Media Release: SANParks Rangers apprehend six illegal divers 2008-12-05
Media Release: Orpen Entrance Gate moves to new site 2008-12-05
Media Release: Donation of vehicles set to boost SANParks’ operations 2008-12-04
Media Release: Knysna’s Forest Elephant makes a special appearance just before the holiday season 2008-12-04
Media Release: TMNP increases foot and vehicle patrols after Lion’s Head attacks 2008-12-03
Media Release: Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site media briefing 2008-12-03
Media Release: Dr Bandile Mkhize departs Kruger National Park 2008-11-28
Media Release: KNP loans boat to LNP 2008-11-26
Media Release: Security boost for tourists and hikers on Table Mountain 2008-11-24
Media Release: iKapa Honorary Rangers help TMNP with endangered African Penguin nest boxes 2008-11-12
Media Release: South African ivory stockpile auctioned 2008-11-06
Media Release: Ivory stockpile verified by CITES Secretariat 2008-11-05
Media Release: CITES has approved ivory sale - South Africa to sell ivory to China and Japan 2008-11-05
Media Release: Boat owners reminded to get SANParks' permits for vessels 2008-10-31
Media Release: Table Mountain National Park hikes fees 2008-10-30
Media Release: Cyclists take to the Mountains in Addo Elephant National Park 2008-10-29
Media Release: Ivory sale to contribute towards elephant research, conservation and community development 2008-10-28
Media Release: Addo’s Black Rhino find new home in the Karoo 2008-10-28
Media Release: Woman injured by buffalo on Mountain Zebra National Park Hiking Trail 2008-10-20
Media Release: SANParks Garden Route promotes sustainable land management 2008-10-17
Media Release: KNP revokes trading licence 2008-10-13
Media Release: KNP Trails Ranger Attacked By Lion 2008-10-10
Media Release: Kruger roads get major facelift 2008-10-03
Media Release: Karoo National Park opens new road and education centre 2008-10-03
Media Release: Counting spotted coats in and around KNP 2008-10-02
Media Release: SANParks announces early rate increase for 2009 2008-09-30
Media Release: Learners walk on the wild side in Kruger 2008-09-26
Media Release: Hoerikwaggo trail connects Cape Point and Table Mountain 2008-09-26
Media Release: Kruger reaches agreement with local taxi association 2008-09-26
Media Release: Senior citizens celebrate Heritage Day in style in Kruger 2008-09-25
Media Release: TMNP scoops major national productivity award 2008-09-25
Media Release: Skukuza gets baboon-proof dustbins 2008-09-23
Media Release: Wilderness Trails Rangers honoured during 30th anniversary celebration 2008-09-23
Media Release: Full programe for SANParks Week in garden route 2008-09-23
Media Release: Wilderness National Park launches extended Half-Collared Kingfisher trail 2008-09-23
Media Release: SANParks TMNP & MCM nab 6 suspects with 2 544 abalone 2008-09-18
Media Release: Conditions for free access during SA National Parks Week 2008 2008-09-18
Media Release: All systems go at Tsitsikamma Section of GRNP 2008-09-17
Media Release: Kruger elephants move to Mozambique 2008-09-16
Media Release: High seas cause damage on Bird Island 2008-09-05
Media Release: Steenboks vow to keep Kruger clean 2008-09-01
Media Release: Here's your chance to enter the Karoo Mountain Bike Challenge! 2008-08-28
Media Release: Securing the future of SA’s natural heritage through SANParks Week 2008 2008-08-26
Media Release: One day 2 arrests by TMNP rangers and SAPS 2008-08-20
Media Release: Fire in Addo Elephant National Park 2008-08-15
Media Release: TMNP Celebrates 10th Birthday, Highlights Key Milestones & Shares Vision For The Future 2008-08-14
Media Release: Table Mountain National Park Moves On Visitor Safety 2008-08-13
Media Release: Northern Region Launches Seasonal Discount 2008-08-11
Media Release: Research On KNP Croc Deaths Continues 2008-08-08
Media Release: KNP Tourist Road Closed 2008-08-07
Media Release: A mountain of opportunities 2008-08-05
Media Release: Have a whale of a time in the TMNP's Marine Protected Area 2008-08-04
Media Release: Cableway Re-Opens After Annual Maintenance 2008-07-30
Media Release: iKapa Honorary Ranger Wins National Merit Award 2008-07-21
Media Release: iKapa Honorary Rangers Train Cape Grace Staff 2008-07-21
Media Release: Camdeboo National Park Alleviates Poverty 2008-07-17
Media Release: Explore Parque Nacional Do Limpopo In Your 4x4 And Make An Impact! 2008-07-10
Media Release: Cableway Closes For Annual Maintenance 2008-07-10
Media Release: Proactive TMNP Staff And SAPS Help British Tourist Recover Stole Goods 2008-07-03
Media Release: TMNP Issues Warning To Visitors About Crime Incident At Silvermine Day 2008-06-27
Media Release: British American Tobacco SA Butts In To Help Conserve The Kruger National Park 2008-06-23
Media Release: Bird Island Trip On Offer 2008-06-20
Media Release: Sanparks Re-Introduces Advanced Bookings For Day Visits To Kruger National Park 2008-06-18
Media Release: Kruger National Park Anniversary Celebrated In Style 2008-06-17
Media Release: Kruger National Park Decade-By-Decade History 2008-06-17
Media Release: Cape Point Bulk Infrastructure And Road Upgrade 2008-06-11
Media Release: Thorp Motor Group Continues Support for TNMP, African Penguin Conservation 2008-06-09
Media Release: Ikapa Honorary Rangers Donate Cyber Trackers To Table Mountain National Park 2008-06-09
Media Release: KNP Commissions Birthday Song 2008-06-09
Media Release: Crocodile Deaths Puzzle Ecologists 2008-06-04
Media Release: Knp Visitors Will Strike Gold This Saturday! 2008-05-29
Media Release: Canoe the Rio Elefantes Trail 2008-05-28
Media Release: Black Rhino Conservation Receives a Boost With Translocation To Zambia 2008-05-28
Media Release: The Table Mountain Cableway re-opens to the public! 2008-05-26
Media Release: KNP 110 Birthday Celebrations poised to kick off! 2008-05-23
Media Release: KNP Rangers demonstrate their skills 2008-05-22
Media Release: Cableway Closed for Repair 2008-05-19
Media Release: TMNP Retains Command and Control Function on Signal Hill 2008-05-19
Media Release: Tourist Roads Closed for Ranger Demonstration 2008-05-19
Media Release: Archaeological Research of the Ngotsomouth Outpost of Steinaecker’s Horse in the KNP (PDF) 2008-05-15
Media Release: SANParks Tourism Income Breaks the Half-A-Billion Rand Barrier 2008-05-13
Media Release: KNP Tourist Road Temporarily Closed for Maintenance 2008-05-05
Media Release: Addo Elephant National Park Hosts SA's Only 100-Mile Trail Run 2008-05-05
Media Release: Sighting Boards Make Game Spotting Easier 2008-04-30
Media Release: KNP Elephant Competition Identifies 5 More Tuskers 2008-04-29
Media Release: Wild Dog Hotline a Huge Success 2008-04-28
Media Release: Fire Science in the Kruger National Park 2008-04-28
Media Release: Rhinos and Termites Contribute to Biodiversity 2008-04-28
Media Release: Elephant Research Features at Skukuza Meeting 2008-04-28
Media Release: Science Tackles Algal Bloom Problem 2008-04-28
Media Release: SANParks Aims at Business Unusual 2008-04-23
Media Release: Top Researchers Meet in Kruger National Park 2008-04-17
Media Release: SANParks and Miss Earth SA “Defend our Earth” on Earth Day, 22 April 2008 2008-04-16
Media Release: Dam Drained in KNP to Prevent Animal Deaths 2008-04-15
Media Release: Kudu Awards 2008 2008-04-03
Media Release: KNP Team Arrest Poaching Syndicate 2008-03-27
Media Release: KNP Guides Get New Training Material 2008-03-20
Media Release: Two Students Die in Pretoriuskop Swimming Pool 2008-03-18
Media Release: Libraries Meet in KNP 2008-03-18
Media Release: KNP Changes Entrance Gate Policy 2008-03-18
Media Release: Crime on Table Mountain Does Not Pay 2008-03-06
Media Release: SANParks and Eastern Cape Parks Sign Collaboration Agreement 2008-02-27
Media Release: SANParks Responds to Minister's Announcement on Norms & Standards for Elephant Management 2008-02-25
Media Release: South African National Parks Responds to Reports Against Auction of 50 White Rhino 2008-02-19
Media Release: Colloborative Efforts Between Law Enforcement Partners Intensify 2008-01-31
Media Release: TMNP Fires: SAPS Help With Patrols 2008-01-29
Media Release: First Cheetah Cubs Born in MZNP 2008-01-25
Media Release: Addo Elephant National Park Golf Day 2008-01-25