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Media Release: The Makuleke Communitys Proposal To Allow Hunting In Their Section Of The Kruger National Park

Date: 25th January 2000

The Makuleke Community’s proposal to allow the hunting of two elephants and two buffaloes in their section of the Kruger National Park in an effort to raise capital to develop the eco-tourism potential of the section has been widely reported on in the media

The position of the South African National Parks (SANP) on the issue is as follows: In terms of the National Parks Act, hunting is not allowed in a national park. However, in respect of a contractual park and with specific reference to the Makuleke section of the Kruger Park, provision is made for carrying out activities, which are otherwise prohibited under the National Parks Act. 

Presently, a Joint Management Board (JMB), comprising representatives from the Makuluke community and the Kruger National Park, is in the process of developing a comprehensive Management Plan for the section of the Kruger Park that has been restituted to the Makuleke (the contractual park). 

Any activity relating to resource utilisation will flow out of the Management Plan approved by the JMB. In the event that the Plan includes hunting as a form of resource utilisation, then hunting in the contractual park will be possible. 

Dr Salifou Siddo 
Head: Corporate Affairs 
South African National Parks 
Tel: (012) 343 9770; Fax: (012) 343 0153

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