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Media Release: Games releases at the Cape of Good Hope

Date: 9th October 2003

Visitors to the Cape of Good Hope section of the Cape Peninsula National Park this holiday season may be lucky enough to see some of the antelope recently relocated there.

The first consignment of animals released was 12 Red Hartebeest relocated from the Karoo National Park. The herd comprised one adult male, eight adult females, two sub-adult males and one sub-adult female. All the animals relocated were in good condition, and appeared to have settled down shortly after their release.

The antelope were released near Buffelsfontein where a temporary ramp was build to ensure their safe offloading from the transport vehicle. Some of the CPNP's personnel accompanied the capture team to assist inthe capture and loading of a further two Eland bulls for release at the same location.

CPNP staff will monitor the herds movements over the next few weeks to determine how they are adapting, and to establish where they are settling down.

Issued by:
Stephen Hulbert 
South African National Parks 
Tel: + 27 (0)21 701-8692; Fax: + 27 (0)21 701-8773 

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