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Honorary Rangers

National Projects

Although the Honorary Rangers operate in 23 nationwide regions, there are several national projects that operate across all regions. Each national project has its own related committee, who coordinate these projects:

Alien Invader Task Group (AITG):

The biggest biological threat to national parks (and indeed the global natural environment) is that of invasive alien species (both plant and animal). AITG strives to educate the public and to physically help park staff eradicate any invasive species that pose a risk to the biological integrity of the parks. For more information on AITG go to

National Quiz:

Tthe coordination of parks and wildlife quizzes at regional and national level and occasionally against sponsors and SANParks staff

National Training Committee:

A committee of Honorary Rangers and SANParks staff that design, regulate and implement the courses

Ranger Support Services (Counter Poaching):

Without the financial and equipment support offered to the SANParks Rangers by the HRs they would be unable to function effectively. The physical support in the form of patrols and other assistance is also crucial. Public education and participatory events are also an important component.

Strategic Projects:

To ensure the Corps is in tune with the strategic direction of SANParks and to help build support for the parks, conservation and the Corps among all South Africans. Its 3 sub-projects are Re-engineering; Constituency Building and Junior Honorary Rangers

Trunk Call:

The quarterly honorary rangers newsletter that informs the Corps and other interested parties of Honorary Ranger events, activities and achievements, and keeps them abreast of SANParks news too

Veterinary Support Services (formerly Game Transfer):

Providing equipment, financial and manpower support to the SANParks veterinary staff is crucial for their functional ability. Public education and participatory events are also an important component.

Youth Corps:

Getting the youth involved in understanding the parks and conservation is critical to ensure an ongoing support for parks into the future. The youth corps (a.k.a Junior Honorary Rangers) is a wing of Strategic Projects.

The names and contact details of the national project chairman incumbents can be viewed under Contact us (pdf).