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Weather for Addo Elephant National Park

Today's Forecast

Min: 13°C / Max: 21°C

  • Morning: showers with 5% chance of rain; wind 24 km/h; NW
  • Day: showers with 33% chance of rain; wind 54 km/h; W
  • Afternoon: showers with 44% chance of rain; wind 80 km/h; SW
  • Evening: showers with 42% chance of rain; wind 35 km/h; NW
  • Sunrise: 06:42, Sunset: 17:55, Moonrise: 14:29, Moonset: 03:41 , Moon Phase: waxing_gibbous

7 Day Forecast

Wednesday, 26 Aug

Min: 13°C / Max: 21°C

showers with 33% chances of rain; wind 54km/h; W

Thursday, 27 Aug

Min: 14°C / Max: 24°C

showers with 10% chances of rain; wind 37km/h; SW

Friday, 28 Aug

Min: 15°C / Max: 23°C

showers with 5% chances of rain; wind 20km/h; NW

Saturday, 29 Aug

Min: 14°C / Max: 19°C

Sunny with 0% chances of rain; wind 24km/h; NE

Sunday, 30 Aug

Min: 12°C / Max: 17°C

Sunny with 3% chances of rain; wind 33km/h; NW

Monday, 31 Aug

Min: 11°C / Max: 17°C

Sunny with 1% chances of rain; wind 28km/h; NW

Tuesday, 01 Sep

Min: 10°C / Max: 16°C

showers with 6% chances of rain; wind 37km/h; NW

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Did You Know?

  • Addo incorporates the largest coastal dune field in the southern hemisphere


Min: 13°C / Max: 21°C

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