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Agulhas National Park


Geographical extremes capture the imagination. From ancient mariners to contemporary mankind, the quest has always been to reach the poles, sail around the tips of continents, conquer the highest peaks and dive to the ultimate depths.

This is the same spirit that captivated the explorers of yesteryear who braved one of the most challenging sea crossings of their time: the Atlantic-Indian Ocean crossing via Cape Agulhas. As the southern-most tip of Africa, it has always had its mysteries and adventure, and still captures the imagination of contemporary explorers.

Amongst the mysteries associated with this region, is the legendary 'Cape of Storms' which wrecked many ships en route to the east via Cape Agulhas. Ancient people also left their mark on the landscape. For example, archaeological middens remind contemporary man of a successful hunter-gathering culture that was in harmony with its natural environment; and a cultural heritage that dates back thousands of years to when the Khoi-khoi people trapped fish using ingeniously constructed tidal traps.

This windswept, ruggedly beautiful coastal plain at the southernmost tip of Africa, with its rich cultural and natural heritage, was proclaimed as the Agulhas National Park on the 23rd of September 1999. The park started as a 4 ha portion of land at the southern tip and has grown through the additions of 36 portions, bringing the area of the Park to 20 959 ha.


Agulhas National Park seeks to implement and promote the conservation, management and sustainable use of the unique marine, terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity and cultural heritage in the Park, in order to maintain or repair its spirit of place at the Southern Tip of Africa, through working together in a manner that benefits the regional social dynamic and economy for present and future generations.

5 Things to seek

  • The Southern Tip of Africa
  • Southern Right Whale
  • African Black Oystercatcher
  • Damara Tern
  • Cape Platana

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Lark, Cape (Agulhas) Clapper

Posted by: wildtuinman (22nd December 2012)

Birding in Agulhas National Park

Posted by: EDe Kock (10th September 2012)

Soetanys Mountain in Agulhas National Park

Posted by: EDe Kock (21st August 2012)

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