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Birding in Agulhas National Park

Information on birding in the Agulhas region needs to be consolidated.

Damara Tern breeds at De Mond Nature Reserve and can be seen along the coast. Stanley’s Bustard, Blue Crane and Secretarybird are some of the larger, more visible species present, while Southern Tchagra, Large-billed (Thick-billed), Agulhas Clapper and Agulhas Long-billed Lark, Karoo Scrub Robin and Cape Bunting are common amongst the smaller species.

This park hosts a variety of habitat types and great biodiversity as far as birds are concerned. Large expanses of coastal fynbos allow birders access to species such as Cape Sugarbird, Victorin's Warbler and Orange-breasted Sunbird, and the patches of renosterveld host large numbers of Black Harriers. The iconic bird of the park is the range-restricted Agulhas Long-billed Lark. Large groves of milkwood trees throughout the park offer Southern Tchagra, African Olive Dove, Lemon Dove and a variety of goshawks and sparrow-hawks.

(For more birding information and park bird checklist, go to Information for Birders)

2012 Birding Report

The 2012 Birding Report for Agulhas was researched and created by Dr Wim de Klerk.

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