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Film and Photography Permits

Please note:
  • TMNP Film and Event Office in Tokai is open for in-person enquiries and payments between 08:00 and 10:00 am daily.
  • Table Mountain National Park will close for all filming, events and functions (bar Signal Hill) on 15 December 2015 and reopen on 18 Jan 2016.

Should you wish to hold an event, function, race, film or a stills shoot in Table Mountain National Park, please download and complete one of the two forms below.


Please email the completed forms to
We do not accept fax submissions.

General Information:

Please note we do not allow any filming, photography, events, functions or races across the park between the 15th of December and the 15th of January, each year. In addition, each location has additional site-specific times and dates when filming is not allowed.

All applications are to be submitted to the Table Mountain National Park Permit office. The following application time frames apply:

  • Stills: Five working days (excludes weekends)
  • Commercials: Ten working days (excludes weekends)
  • Events/Functions/Races:
    • Small (0 - 100): 15 working days (excludes weekends)
    • Medium (100 - 300): 30 working days (excludes weekends)
    • Large (300+): Six months

Table Mountain National Park reserves the right to not issue a permit should Management deem the activity to be unsuitable in a National Park, harmful to the environment or other park users or should the event conflict with the Organizations Conservation Principles.

Certain applications will require you to engage the services of an Environmental Control Officer (ECO) and/or Baboon Monitors. Please note that ECO services as well as Baboon Monitors are at an additional cost to the applicant over and above the permit fee. The contact details are as follow:

NCC Environmental Services

Crecilda van der Merwe
Tel: +27 21 702 2884 / 083 290 3686

ECO Services
Chris Zuidema
Tel: 082 672 9351

Baboon Monitors

Quinton Van Wyk
NCC Environmental Services
Tel: 021 702 2884

Any application for an event, which will impact on residents or any City of Cape Town property, will require the Applicant to obtain permission from the relevant City of Cape Town Permit Office in conjunction with acquiring permission from SANParks to conduct the event. Applicant to be familiar with the relevant City Events Bylaw (Gazette 6630 of 2009) and the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act of 2010. SANParks will not issue a permit if you are unable to supply details of the required city of Cape Town permit.


Application Process:

  • Once your application is submitted, the relevant time frames begin to run.
  • Your application form will be assessed and should it be found to be incomplete, we may send it back to you to provide us with the additional information required. If this is the case, the time frames mentioned above cease to run.
  • If your application form is in order and your application is approved, you will receive an invoice.
  • Once the invoice is received, please verify that the details are accurately reflected and pay the amount due and owing.
  • The permit will only be issued once proof of payment has been received. Please note you will need to email the proof of payment to us. We prefer you pay via EFT as we require a cheque to clear before we can issue a permit and this might take seven to ten working days. The latest we accept proof of payment by is 15:00 daily to allow time to process the permit and provide you with a copy thereof.
  • Once an invoice has been issued, the invoice is no longer open to amendment and no refunds or credits will be authorised.
  • Permits are only issued during working hours and the Film and Event office operates from 08:00 - 16:00, Monday to Friday.

The use of SANParks locations are subject to Section 86(1) of the National Environmental Management: Protection Areas Act (Act 57 of 2003) for the duration of a visit in a National Park. A permit must be retained and kept at all times, and produced on request. Failure to comply with permit conditions may result in prosecution or affect the future granting of such permits The areas under the control of SANParks are used entirely at own risk and neither SANParks nor its service provider shall be liable for any claims, accidents, injuries or loss, etc. arising from such use.


What do I need to do to host an Event, Function or Race in TMNP?

  1. Get a date. To obtain a date contact Saskia Marlowe on She will check the event calendar and advise you where gaps exist for your proposed event. The Park does not host more than one large event across the Park, per day.
  2. Complete a sample route which is Google-mapped with a word description detailing the route. Your route will not be considered if it does not fall on existing cycling tracks. Please ensure you have checked which tracks and locations are zoned for cycling. If you are uncertain please get help from one of the two ECO companies (listed above). They are outsourced and their fees need to be negotiated with them directly.
  3. Submit your route as per above for consideration with potential event numbers The Park is not obligated to accept a proposed routing as there may already be other events using that routing and the impacts might be of such a nature we can't allow another event on those tracks. Note that various areas of the Park have different capacity constraints. Please ensure you are aware of these constraints before submitting your application.
  4. If your route is refused unfortunately the Park will not be in a position to meet and discuss alternatives. You would need to engage a local expert to assist you at your own cost.
  5. Once the route has been approved, complete the application form found on the website and attach your approved route with word description, your EMP and your City of Cape Town Approvals where relevant.
  6. Please note that the EMP should follow a standard format and is best completed by a professional. If you opt to submit an EMP completed by yourself and we find that there are numerous errors we will ask that you engage the services of a professional to complete it for you as we cannot assist you to rewrite it step by step by checking various drafts of the same document. Once the Park has indicated you need outside help, the EMP will not be considered again until it comes to us via one of the ECO companies listed on our website.
  7. Please note that we require a detailed emergency plan with each application. Please list all event organiser and emergency personnel contact numbers. Please list location of emergency vehicles on your route map and in the application.
  8. You will be required to have ECO's present at your event. The Park will indicate the number of ECO's required based on your application. The ECO's are an outsourced cost and you can contact the ones listed on this page.
  9. The Park will indicate the number of marshals required based on the application submitted.
  10. Please ensure that all intended signage is submitted as an attachment so we can approve it.
  11. Please ensure all trail or route markers are in green and not scheduled to be attached to any vegetation, natural or Park structures.
  12. Please familiarise yourself with the tariff structure so that you are not caught unawares of the billing process. We have additional tariffs over and above the per head event fee which may or may not affect you depending on your event type and location including access routes on your route map and in the application.
  13. You will be required to submit a detailed waste management plan in terms of all waste management during the event, baboon proof bins, route cleaning, waste generation and storage, disposal of waste products, certificate of dumping and mitigation of litter along the route.
  14. Please note that filming of your event, both still and video, is billed for over and above the normal tariff and needs to be listed in your application form.
  15. A flight over the Park is restricted and you need permission for a helicopter to fly over the Park below the restricted level. This permission is obtained from the Park. You also need to ensure you have space for a TMNP staff member onboard.
  16. Advertising of sponsors is permitted but needs preapproval and the locations for advertising needs to be approved.
  17. All events need public liability insurance and proof of insurance and the value thereof needs to be attached to your application.
  18. Where events pass through existing Park entry gates, conservation fees will be charged over and above the per-head event fee.
  19. Once the Application, Route, EMP and Emergency plan have been approved the event organiser will receive an invoice. Proof of payment of the invoice needs to be supplied before the permit will be issued.
  20. The permit conditions need to be complied with at all times.
  21. Permission to host an event is in no way an indication that the event would receive approval in the following year.
  22. Events need to be applied for six months in advance of the event date.

Does Table Mountain National Park need to approve the name of each event?

Yes, the Park needs to approve the name you give your event as this name is associated with our brand.

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