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Media Releases - 2010

Title Date
Media Release: KNP gate quotas in force during the 2010 festive season 2010-12-20
Media Release: KNP opens its gate for the locals to harvest mopani worms 2010-12-14
Media Release: Penguin chicks get new lease of life 2010-12-09
Media Release: Jacaranda RMFM raised a hand to assist KNP Rangers fight poaching 2010-12-09
Media Release: New Tented Camp to open in Addo Elephant National Park 2010-12-08
Media Release: KNP’S Crocodile Bridge & gate get a facelift 2010-12-08
Media Release: New speed equipment to clampdown on rule breakers 2010-12-07
Media Release: ‘Green’ Stars shine at the 2010 Kudu Awards 2010-11-30
Media release: KNP to host PEAP exhibition at Mopani Conference Centre 2010-11-25
Media Release: A suspected poacher fatally wounded in the KNP 2010-11-22
Media Release: Lions released in Karoo National Park after 170 year absence 2010-11-11
Media Release: Lion attack did not happen in Addo Elephant National Park 2010-11-02
Media Release: Addo rangers arrest diver with abalone near Bird Island 2010-10-27
Media Release: Enthusiasts invited to the 2nd Camdeboo National Park Birding Weekend 2010-10-21
Media Release: SANParks announces immediate changes to its Wild Card Programme 2010-10-19
Media Release: More suspected poacher arrests 2010-10-15
Media Release: Marakele National Park safe following a fire break 2010-10-15
Media Release: Suspected poacher shot dead in KNP 2010-10-14
Media Release: KNP hosts Corporate Golf Day 2010-10-13
Media Release: SANParks' decision to withdraw from Hangberg Court application an organisational decision 2010-10-07
Media Release: MZNP Short Hiking Trails re-open 2010-10-07
Media Release: Environmental Affairs Deputy Minister launches Green Initiative for Gauteng schools 2010-09-29
Media Release: Minister opens SA National Parks Week 2010 in Addo Elephant National Park 2010-09-13
Media Release: KNP gate quotas in force during September holiday 2010-09-21
Media Release: Learners step out on the wild side in Kruger 2010-09-14
Media Release: Free access to National Parks starts next week 2010-09-09
Media Release: KNP gears up for SANParks Week celebrations 2010-09-09
Media Release: TMNP - a national asset and international icon 2010-09-08
Media Release: MZNP to offer free entry during SA National Parks Week 2010-09-07
Media Release: Karoo National Park to offer free entry during SA National Parks Week 2010-09-07
Media Release: Camdeboo National Park to offer free entry for SA National Parks Week 2010-09-07
Media Release: Skukuza gets stainless steel dustbins 2010-09-04
Media Release: Take out camping gear and head to a National Park this Spring 2010-09-01
Media Release: KNP Rangers receive protective eyewear 2010-08-30
Media Release: Enter the “My Addo” photographic competition 2010-08-30
Media Release: Historic occasion as Addo Elephant National Park opens fence 2010-08-20
Media Release: Red-billed oxpeckers fly into MZNP 2010-08-18
Media Release: SANParks CEO opens World Protected Areas Leadership Forum 2010-08-16
Media Release: Head honchos of global conservation to meet in Skukuza 2010-08-13
Media Release: Dates for annual week of free access to SANParks confirmed 2010-08-06
Media Release: Last chance to enter into the 2010 Kudu Award 2010-08-06
Media Release: Poachers relentless in bloody pursuit of rhino horn 2010-07-28
Media Release: Rape incident did not happen in Addo Elephant National Park 2010-07-26
Media Release: Another suspected poacher arrested in KNP 2010-07-14
Media Release: Hikers in stable condition after buffalo attack at MZNP 2010-07-13
Media Release: Man killed by buffalo on hiking trail in MZNP 2010-07-13
Media Release: Four suspected rhino poachers arrested in KNP 2010-07-12
Media Release: Camdeboo National Park to develop bushcamp and campsite 2010-07-02
Media Release: War on rhino poaching still on 2010-07-01
Media Release: Archaeological research at Gaza Gray outpost of Steinaecker’s Horse in KNP 2010-06-29
Media Release: SANParks offers KNP holiday to Bafana squad for entry into World Cup second round 2010-06-21
Media Release: Bird Island penguins given relief 2010-06-17
Media Release: Penguins suffer under harsh weather conditions 2010-06-17
Media Release: Suspected rhino poacher shot in the KNP 2010-06-15
Media Release: Stakeholders join hands for a clean Kruger 2010-06-10
Media Release: Record price for Addo buffalo at Kirkwood auction 2010-06-08
Media Release: KNP rangers recover stolen trucks in an ambush 2010-06-08
Media Release: Rhino poaching - a global phenomenon, not only synonymous to KNP 2010-05-28
Media Release: – a success story 2010-05-10
Media Release: A major boost for product development in SANParks 2010-05-10
Media Release: KNP’s oldest tusker gets tracking collar 2010-05-03
Media Release: Addo hosts sixth successful 50 & 25-mile trail runs 2010-05-03
Media Release: Death of biggest tusker in Addo 2010-05-03
Media Release: Revamped Mata-Mata Rest Camp in KTP officially opened 2010-04-30
Media Release: Kudu Awards 2010 nomination deadline extended 2010-04-28
Media Release: SANParks draws inspiration on Earth Day from leadership of Chief Executive 2010-04-22
Media Release: KNP achievers shine at Achievement Awards ceremony 2010-04-19
Media Release: SANParks marine rangers tragically killed in car accident 2010-04-01
Media Release: KNP to strictly enforce gate quotas during the Easter holidays 2010-03-29
Media Release: Getaway goes wild in celebration of its 21st birthday! 2010-03-29
Media Release: SANParks and Nashua Mobile get a head start on Earth Hour 2010 celebrations 2010-03-26
Media Release: Suspected rhino poachers caught in KNP sentenced to 10 years without fine 2010-03-25
Media Release: KNP lions devour a suspected poacher 2010-03-23
Media Release: Official opening of the New Entrance Gate to Addo Elephant National Park 2010-03-16
Media Release: SANParks Marine Rangers confiscate abalone and arrest suspect 2010-03-16
Media Release: Nominations For SANParks Kudu Awards 2010 now open! 2010-03-11
Media Release: KNP to host Savanna Science Symposium 2010-03-05
Media Release: Sale of SANParks’ available accommodation through website hits record high! 2010-03-05
Media Release: SANParks releases accommodation back to market 2010-03-02
Media Release: New check-in and check-out times for KNP guests 2010-03-01
Media Release: KNP unveils 2010 FIFA MATCH villages 2010-01-28
Media Release: Joint partnership in fighting the Keurboomsriver fires 2010-01-27
Media Release: Golden Gate Highlands NP to celebrate World Wetlands Day 2010-01-26
Media Release: Anti-poaching fight still on 2010-01-22
Media Release: Management of the GRNP Protected Areas through cooperative governance 2010-01-07
Media Release: SANParks “surprised” at unreported racism allegations in TMNP 2010-01-07
Media Release: Re-opening of Tsitsikamma Big Tree in GRNP 2010-01-05
Media Release: GRNP participates in Tjaila Karatara fundraising event 2010-01-05