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Augrabies Falls National Park



A butterfly is an insect of the order Lepidoptera.

Like all Lepidoptera, butterflies are notable for their unusual life cycle with a larval caterpillar stage, an inactive pupal stage, and a spectacular metamorphosis into a familiar and colourful winged adult form.

Most species are day-flying so they regularly attract attention. The diverse patterns formed by their brightly coloured wings and their erratic yet graceful flight have made butterfly watching a fairly popular hobby. (Source: Wikipedia)


  • A survey was conducted by the Lepidopterists' Society of Africa at the Augrabies National Park during September 2008. A short report was released.

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  • that Metagabbro is found in the western part of the park in an area known as the "Swartrante" (Black Ridges) and is a metamorphosed igneous rock which contains no quartz and is made up entirely of dark ferromagnesian minerals and feldspar.


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